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  1. Fish
    Hello, I am planning on purchasing some Otocinclus catfish and I'm setting up a quarantine tank for them. My concern is that my usual hospital tank is only 16L (4 gallons). Would this be large enough to house 10 catfish for 4 weeks? Or do I need to set up a bigger tank? TIA (Ps. I have...
  2. Substrate
    Currently, I am using black Tahitian Moon sand (example). I'm thinking the roots could get more nutrients with more space in between the particles of substrate. Is there a "big-grain" sand? Are there substrates with nutrients for plants consisting of very small particles?
  3. Fish
    In February of this year, I purchased some Bosemani Rainbow fish from a breeder via aquabid. They are now in my 75 gallon with the following roommates: 1 yellow Gourami, 5 Brochis catfish, 5 Giant Danios, 7 Ottos, 100 or so red cherry snacks shrimp and 2 Amano shrimp It was winter when I...
  4. Fish
    i keep looking at different fish profiles and such trying to see if i can find anything i want to add to my tank, and iv had some great help from ya'll with picking out potential new tank mates such as ember tetras and a honey gourami. well, i found a page about emperor tetras, and they look...
1-4 of 4 Results