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  1. Fish
    Hey guys! So I have this guppy, today I noticed some swelling whilst doing a water change. She’s been bigger for a while but it wasn’t until today she started really getting big. I think maybe dropsy, but I need some sort of confirmation. Other than getting bigger she is super active and eating...
  2. Fish
    Hi, so I’ve had this little guy for about 4 months. Up until today when I cleaned their tank he has been doing fine. Now his eyes are looking really weird and he is hovering around the top of the tank. Does anyones know what this is? How can I help him?
  3. Fish
    In a certain thread about overfeeding, I mentioned that I was guilty of overfeeding my Angelfish. So I decided to fast them for two days and it was there I realised one of my Angels contracted the dreaded dropsy. All the symptoms were there - very bloated belly, popeye, difficulty breathing...
1-3 of 3 Results