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  1. Fish
    This is a thread following my second ever betta breeding project, which I have codenamed Project Blue (because it sounds cooler). My male is a young mustard pattern halfmoon from Thailand, my female is a pretty mystery girl from my LFS. They were destined to be together through fate, and...
  2. Fish
    Hi :) this is my new betta Miril, I've had him about a week now and he is a fighter that's for sure. The day after I brought him home I discovered the tank stank of something artificial and was cloudy, and he was in the corner behind a rock. I went straight to the pet shop and spent about $50...
  3. Fish
    My old, old betta, Swish keeps choking on pellets. He'll eat one and then the other one he'll get stuck in his mouth. He cant spit it out so I literally have to do the Heimlich on him. Get the net andpry it out. He has done it twice now and is not looking good. I might be getting AQ salt...
1-3 of 3 Results