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  1. Equipment
    Hoping someone can help me out I'm a huge animal nerd and I just moved into a new condo. I've been planning my space, and I was wondering if the shelf I have would be able to support the setup I have in mind. My shelf is this model from Ikea...
  2. Equipment
    Hi, I'm wondering whether this costco shelving ( will be able to hold three 10 gallon tanks?' I'm planning on putting them on a plywood base but I'm worried about the metal bowing. Thanks for...
  3. Planted Nano Tanks
    I just bought my 1st tank ever, however cannot find a stand I like. Do you think a shelf using very good L brackets attached to wooden studs Will support a 8 gallon tank?
  4. Equipment
    Im searching for a shelving option. Im looking for a 48X18X72 shelving unit and perhaps 48X24X72. Enough to hold some small tanks, the largest would probably be a 20 long. I also want this to store fish related items, you know all that crap that you seem to accumulate! HD, lowes, Target, ect...
1-4 of 4 Results