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  1. Fish
    Hi guys! I have 5 Celestial Peral Danios (galaxy rasboras), and I am pretty sure that 3 are male and 2 are female, but I am not sure. I have labeled the fish (some appear more than once) so it's easier for yall to help me figure out which are males and which are females. I am pretty sure...
  2. Fish
    (Looks like bolivian threads are popular today) So, I have two bolivian rams, purchased about 2 1/2 months ago. Let's call them "Bully" and "Victim." Victim was quite a bit larger than Bully at time of purchase, and I am 99% sure is male (3rd dorsal ray extended, tail fin extended, reproductive...
  3. Fish
    Are they both Male, both female? Or which one is which? See attached photos. Breeding is difficult? easy?
  4. Fish
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for some help. I would like to know if I have a possible pair of Bolivian Rams. I am posting pictures to help. They do seem to stick close together most of the time. They also have some aggression towards each other with jaw-locking and some chasing going on some of...
  5. Fish
    I am not sure what I have and thought just maybe someone here at TPT might be able to tell me? What do you say? My guess is the Koi is a female and the other one...a male? There is a difference in their head shape and I thought because the blueish Angels head is more rounded meant it is a male...
  6. Fish
    Anyone care to comment on the chances of this being a female scarlet badis? I have seen some pics of females that are more brown or gray than this one, but I have read of females having some red stripes that are less distinct than the males. Anyway, not important, just thought I would see if...
  7. Fish
    I am going today to buy a pair of golden rams (May be a type of GBR?) and need to know how to sex them. Quick reply please as I have my shoes on and am ready to go get them. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results