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  1. Plants
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone else has delt with any issues with water wisteria (hygrophila difformis) killing off certain species of fish. For context this has happened to me twice now in different aquaria. In each case the issues occurred almost immediately after introducing...
  2. Fish
    Hi All, The person that sold me this fish (the one that I tried to get in the middle of each shot) and a few others like him called them triangle cichlids, a type of Heros species? Can I get a little help in an effort to try and ID these fish? They have some beautiful coloring, reddish...
  3. Plants
    Hi, In the attached picture, can someone help Identify the plants that I've got the red arrows pointing towards? I think they're all the same plant? Note how many of the plants in this picture are in some sort of pots and all the bottom-dwelling activity? I've also included a link to the...
1-3 of 5 Results