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  1. Plants
    Hey guys, I bought seeds from Amazon (nameless, just says for planted tanks, without any instructions). I planted them in a 2,5 gallon nano tank and got beautiful results! It only took 5 days to grow this much. I have a few questions for you: What plant is that? Will it stay carpet-like...
  2. Plants
    Hi All, I was given some seeds stating it is HC Cuba. I planted and grew them in the aquarium, however they don't seem to be HC Cuba. Can you help me ID the plant. Seeds Image: Plant Image 1: Plant Image 2: Thank...
  3. Plants
    Hello! Well I have been letting my planted tank "age" for the last few reality I've left it untouched other than topping off for about 4 months. Today I did a massive clean out and water change to get ready for having shrimp and fish again. While siphoning I found some odd little...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I’m planning on starting my first planted aquarium soon. Can someone recommend a reputable websites to order aquatic plants and seeds from?
1-4 of 4 Results