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  1. Plants
    Hello, With spring in full swing where I live my attention has been turning towards outdoors projects. I've been thinking for a while that if seeds were obtainable, it could be a lot of fun and potentially quite inexpensive to grow large quantities of aquarium plants outdoors in emersed setups...
  2. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    This is the first time for me to try to grow Tillandsias from seeds to adults. I have fallen in love with Tillandsias since I got them for my Birthday almost a year ago. My whole life I have taken care of plants because of my father which was a florist designer, but have never worked with...
  3. Equipment
    I have some extra sponge filters I would like to seed with bacteria. If I just sit them in tanks already established will the bacteria build up or would it be better to actually have them running. I figure there will be some bacteria build up without having to run them, but I just wanted to make...
1-3 of 3 Results