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seachem matrix
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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all, I’m setting up my waterbox PM 15 as a planted freshwater tank. It will be co2 injected with a fluval plant nano as my light. I plan to dry start the Monte Carlo. Plant stock: (subject to change rough outline) 2x AR Mini Monte Carlo carpet 2x S.repens Christmas moss Anubias Still...
  2. Equipment
    Hi guys, so after a month waiting for my tank being made, I finally got it. What I am thinking about,as I have zero experience with hang-on filters, is this a good setup? I attached photos at link: (cant add link yet) There was a charcoal in those plastic...
  3. Plants
    Hi! Anyone thought of growing moss or small rhizome plants on Seachem matrix to get the "little tuft of grass" effect??
1-3 of 3 Results