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  1. Equipment
    So... I've noticed the inside of my tank is pretty scratched up, and for the longest, I thought it wasn't actual scratches but possibly just residue from the silicone wearing off. Anyways, since I've been cleaning my tank and doing a lot of maintenance on it recently I was looking into it and...
  2. DIY
    Hello There. Tried building a tank with Crystal Glass 6mm thick with a tempered bottom. The outer dimensions are 60x36.2x35cm. This is the first time sealing so the sealing is messy to the degree you can see a piece of tape that I was using to make the sealant straight but the tank holds, I...
  3. Equipment
    I know that some scratches won't be seen when filled with water, but I have filled my tank and a few are clearly visible. When I first got the tank I spent a while cleaning algae that the previous owner failed to remove from the cracks, so removing the scratches isn't just for aesthetic...
1-3 of 3 Results