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  1. Other Websites
    Hi Everyone, I recently discovered a new(ish) website, which can be found at the following: aquarium science dot org (mod edit to remove link - visit at your own pseudoscience risk) I find the above site to be very informative. I'll leave it to all you aquarists out there to decide for...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I've been into the hobby for a while now, however, I don't think this will take much set up. My math course is asking me to do some sort of Internal Assessment and I was hoping to create some sort of equation for the growth and rates of growth involving microfauna under various conditions. I...
    I am a middle and elementary school science teacher and I am looking to start two planted tanks in my classroom. Although I'm not new to teaching, this my first year at my current school. That being said, my budget is basically nonexistent. I've always developed and used planted tanks in my...
  4. Substrate
    Did some Googling on this and not much discussion, so I thought I'd start one! Why buy expensive ADA Amazonia perfectly baked pellets when you can make your own? What is Terra Preta? - it's nutrient rich Amazonian soil that has retained its fertility for thousands of years...
1-4 of 7 Results