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  1. Fish
    Overview In a few weeks, I will be conducting an experiment using fish in one of my science classes. Fish will be placed in a maze similar to the one in this video () from Princeton University. They will be previously trained to food at the end of the maze except the barriers will not be in...
  2. Fish
    Will different breeds of rasboras school together? I was looking at galaxy rasboras, emerald dwarf rasboras, and possibly others. Any information is appreciated, thank you.
  3. Fish
    So, I'm planning on starting a 20-gallon long tank within the next month. Obviously planted, heavily, and then I would like to put some RCS, some fire red shrimp, or other types of shrimp into the tank. Along with the shrimp (which I would like to have around 30 to start off with), I want to add...
  4. Fish
    Hey there, I will be setting up a moderately planted 29g aquarium with a Fluval 206 canister filter. Dirt substrate capped with gravel and sand in some places. The PH of the water out of my tap is 7.8 and doesn't change once in the aquarium (based off of my 10g). My plan so far is: 5 -...
  5. Fish
    I recently dug out my old 30 gal. Aquarium out of storage and in the process of setting up a live planted tank with primarily schooling fish and was wondering how many different kinds of schooling fish I would be able to put in there I was thinking 3 or 4. Any help on numbers and type would be...
  6. Fish
    I am new to these forums but i have been lurking for a week or two now :redface:. I have been keeping small fish (cardinal tetras, golden tetras, guppies, ect.) for a couple years now and have wanted to do a big planted tank for a long time. Well, i finally got the courage together to buy a...
  7. Fish
    I currently have a school of Harlequins, about 20 and I would like to add another school of fish that school just as tight as they do. I wanted something small like pygmy or dainty cories but I was wondering if there are any cories or fish in particular that stay small and school somewhat tight.
  8. Fish
    Hi, Sorry if this this subject has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the thread if it has. Basically, I want to know how one goes about adding fish that like to be in schools to a smaller aquarium (10-20g) that can't handle such a sudden jump in bioload. For example, it seems to...
  9. Fish
    I'm looking for a big centerpiece schooler fish for my 46g heavily planted. A schooling fish, but one that is larger than cardinals or rummynose. I need it to get along with smaller tetras like cardinals, not nip at plants too much, and be a peaceful as possible. Any suggestions?
  10. Fish
    i know it sounds terrible. i bought 25 black neon tetras and 25 rasbora harlequins. they're scattered all around the tank. i need one or two fish to scare them all and make them school. the fish should not harm the red cherries in side my tank. it's tough i know... any possibilities?
1-10 of 10 Results