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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I am just about to set up a 190litre / 50gal long aquarium. It will be my first high tech tank. I've got co2, a finnex 24/7 CC, flourite black substrate, and a 60 litre / 15gal sump. I am planning on stocking with Praecox rainbows, then possibly adding about 6 otocinclus, and finally, I...
  2. Aquascaping
    I have a Spec V that I setup with some spider wood a couple years ago. I neglected the tank quite a bit and now want to completely redo the scape. I was thinking some sort of stone, rather than wood. Not quite sure what I want but couldn't find any stone I liked locally. I was doing some...
  3. Aquascaping
    I have had my tanks set up for a few months now. 2 are flourite and one is dirted with a cap. All 3 are sloped front to back, now I would like to redo one with hills. I have seen vid's where ppl have built hills with aqua soil. can i do the same with miracle grow? my concern is the material...
  4. Aquascaping Okay, so this is my 85 gallon tank. It is very much still a work in progress, and it is my first attempt at aquascaping. (If you've got to start somewhere, why not start out big? :wink: ) I was fortunate enough to find...
  5. Aquascaping
    Hi guys, I'm looking for some ideas on how to scape my tank. I just feel like it's not right. Sorry for the glare.
  6. Aquascaping
    Well my DSM is almost done.. and soon i will be able to flood the tank. What do you guys think of my scape? My other question is.. should i add a few small plants or just leave the rocks as the sole focal point rocks jutting out of my lovely green carpet.
1-6 of 7 Results