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  1. Plants
    Greetings all, I have a relatively new West African Killifish/ADF tank with (what used to be) a large assortment of small Anubias variants. Over the past month or so, one by one they have been succumbing suddenly to rhizome rot. Each one maintains perfectly green leaves but the rhizomes are...
  2. Fish
    I have a Sterbai Corydora that has a growth on both pectoral fins. It looks brownish-white and blends into the fin color. Anybody know what this is a symptom of? I brought some new fish home and ended up contaminating my tank. I have been treating the main tank using Ich Attack. After...
  3. Fish
    Hi everyone, I have a sick juvenile salmon red rainbowfish in a 600L planted tank with lots of driftwood and good hiding spots! I just tried for ages with a large and small net but no luck, she hides at the back of the driftwood. Can't catch her when feeding, she's too fast. Any ideas? She...
1-3 of 3 Results