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  1. Fish
    Hello all, Long time lurker here. You have a great site and group here, and I've learned so much by reading the forums! I have a well planted (Amazon sword, java ferns, java moss, water wisteria, frogbit, water spangle, and more) 29 gallon tank, stocked with 7 neon tetras, 6 rummynose...
  2. Tank Journals
    I got this tank from my in-laws over Christmas. It was destined for the dump, so I rescued it. I have been looking at tanks and really enjoying getting back into the hobby, so I decided that I would have a go at setting up a dirted tank. There are some amazing scapes that have been achieved...
  3. Fish
    Sup guys I plan on restocking my tank with a new school of fish that will be house with 9 roselines. I was first glued to the idea that rummynoses would make the best choice but being that I have a lighter background tank, would cardinals make a better choice? I've heard that rummynoses...
  4. Fish
    Im starting a 17g planted tank. I plan to get some cardinal tetra, rummy nose tetra, and O-cat. What other choice do I have? I don't want a fish that will grow too large for the 17g. I think cardinal tetra get pretty big full grown. What you think?
1-4 of 4 Results