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  1. Plants
    Hi friends, I have a 7 Gallon UNS 30C high tech. Twinstar 300SA light, full sized CO2, good bubbles per second. Good light green drop checker color. Not dosing any ferts yet. ADA ferts are at the ready, on hand. Filled and planted on April 18th, 2021. I'm 2 weeks in. I planted Rotundifolia Red...
  2. Plants
    Hi folks, I bought some aquarium plants on Ebay. The plants were in rough shape when I got them but the good news is that they are recovering. The bad news is that it almost looks from the new leaf growth the seller sold me the same plant but cut different sections and called them different...
  3. Plants
    So I purchased the Finnex 24/7 30in for my 29G Tall and shortly afterwards all of the Rotala started growing down and sprouting new stems that grow upwards. I am running the lights 24/7, could I be providing too much light?
1-3 of 13 Results