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  1. Plants
    Will try to keep this thread updated with the process of trying to recover these rotala from what they were when I got them. It just went downhill. This is how it came from the shop (Oct 20th): , on Flickr This is how it looks now (Nov 29th): , on Flickr I dose EI, have pressurized CO2 at...
  2. Plants
    Gifted to me as rotala wallichii, but I am not so sure. Anyone have a better idea/ID on this plant?
  3. Plants
    Hi, I recently purchased an unidentified species of Rotala from the LFS. Its foliage is similar to Rotala Wallichii, but it is larger in size and green in color (about 20" tall). Does anyone know what species this could be? I will post pictures tomorrow. Thanks.
1-3 of 5 Results