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rotala sp colorata
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    ---------Anubis Nana Petite & Root Tabs are still available PM me------------ Time to trim and plant package includes as next. Lobelia Cardinalis Dwarf Rotala Sp Colorata Limnophilia Aromatica Helanthium Tenellum Rotala Macrandra Red Heteranthera Zosterifolia (star grass) Bacopa Australis...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    I am going to trim some plants this week, and here are what's available. 6x Lobelia Cardinalis Dwarf 4x Rotala Sp Colorata 3x Helanthium Tenellum 5x Heteranthera Zosterifolia (star grass) 5x Bacopa Australis 5x nodes of Staurogyne sp Porto Velho PM me for any question and Payment through...
1-2 of 2 Results