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  1. Plants
    Hello, everyone. Quick question. Do rotala rotundifolia plants only produce new leaves at the tips? I just planted some in my tank a few days ago. I do see some growth at the tips of the plants, but nothing from the main stem. I have fertilizers, high-lighting, and CO2 injection.
  2. Plants
    Got some Rotala Rotundifolia for our 32G Fluval Flex tank. It started browning and not looking so great. Our Moneywort was also looking bare-stemmed and browning at the bottom. We were told it was the lighting. The Fluval Flex kit comes with an Aquasky light. We added a Fluval Planted 3.0 for a...
  3. Aquascaping
    I'm working on my first scape. I've been attempting to make a moss tree with Java Moss and a small stick. It's filling in nicely, but it's kind of "disappearing". And of course it was meant to be the focal point of the tank. The Rotala growing behind it is almost the same colour and with...
  4. Plants
    My Rotala rotundifolia red bend it's leaves and melt after. And it always happens to the older leaves. Is this some kind of nutrients deficiency symptoms? Or related to Co2 fluctuate? :help::help: Here's my tank setup: 50L x 33W x 35H CFL bulb 23w x 2 (two inch from water surface) pressurised...
  5. Hawaii
    Java Fern $2 a stem with plantlets Rotala Rotundafolia $1 every 2 stems up to 8 inches tall Blyxa Japonica $2 Each pretty full. recent splitting. Lobelia Cardinalis $2 making room and trying to pay for some of my recent planted purchases. Interested PM me... i cannot gurantee there wont be...
1-5 of 16 Results