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rotala indica

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  1. Plants
    I have been trying to grow plants in my 65 gallon tank for 3 month now and they all seem to slowly die. I started with monte carlo because Im trying to achieve a carpet and I've heard its one of the easier plants to carpet. It slowly died even with the fluval 3.0 light and co2 injection. I...
  2. Plants
    Hello, I am brand new to this forum and planted tanks in general. I impulsively bought two plants at my LFS. I'd been wanting to add some color to my tank and help soak up excess nitrates. I was told they were easy to take care of, but when I got home and looked them up, I found differently...
    I have some Rotala indica I'm about to trim off and I'm not interested in replanting... So why not RAOK? The cuttings will be ~5 inches in length. All I ask for is $7 to cover shipping! I have Duckweed growing but I will thoroughly rinse cuttings before shipping.
    No longer needed. Looking for a couple long stems of Rotala Indica, rotundifolia
  5. For Sale/Trade
    Hi TPT. Got a few plant species I would like to clear up. Shipping is $7 USPS Priority unless added into price. Please mind your weather as it is getting colder in areas. No DOA. Hold for pickup is available, just ask me. Please message me your full shipping address when pming me. Shipping...
  6. For Sale/Trade
    Aloha TPT members. Finally had some time to trim.:) Shipping will start at $7 USPS Priority. Please mind your weather, will not be responsible for DOA or USPS mishaps/delay. Hold for pickup is also available. Shipping days for the week; Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. Hygrophilia sp...
  7. Low Tech Forum
    Hi guys! I've been keeping fish for 6+ years and suddenly the "plant my tank" bug bit me. I found myself at nearby LFS and bought couple of plants on his advice. they are 14 cut stems of Rotala (but not aware specific species. it had fairly elliptical and pointed leaves rather than a rounded...
  8. For Sale/Trade
    I am selling this all as one whole package because I just plain do not have room! Please see photos below-- these are actual photos taken 7/20/14. However, I might be willing to break up the package, but the price per plant will likely be slightly higher than if you buy the whole package. I will...
  9. For Sale/Trade
    Hello I have about 20-25 nodes of Ammania Sp "Bonsai". Each node is about 1" to 3" in length (see pic). All yours for $17 Priority Shipping is $5 and insulation $2 Payment is via Amazon Payments or check. I DO NOT accept paypal.
  10. For Sale/Trade
    Hi Everyone, I have a bag with 20+ stems in each. The stems are between 2" - 7". I am looking for $15 per bag +$5.50 shipping (if not local pickup). This will be enough to get a Let me know. :proud:
  11. WTB/RAOK
    love this plant. Have a few, would like a few more. Shoot me a message on what you got. thanks :) Please algae and snail free. -Mike
  12. For Sale/Trade
    UPDATE: RRF is sold out! Sorry! There will be more in a few short weeks. I do still have a ton of Rotala left, PM me if interested in just the Rotala. Will post photos of the Rotala soon. ====== Red Root Floaters & Rotala Rotundifolia available! Totally duckweed-free and very healthy. I...
  13. For Sale/Trade
    This is heaping trim package $27 shipped Rotala Indica rotundifolia- Grows like a mad Over 20 stems Bacopa - 8+ stems Riccia - One big handful Glosso - A little bigger than golf ball size Cabomba - 5+ stems Cardamine - 10+ Stems And added bonus Vietnamese Coriander 10+ stems grown emersed
  14. For Sale/Trade
    I have a ton of Red Root Floaters available! Totally duckweed-free and very healthy with its neat little blooms. And if I happen to sell out, I'll have more within 3 weeks, it grows like crazy in my 55g. $11 shipped priority for a sandwich bag of it. PayPal & Dwolla accepted. PM me if...
  15. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just got some rotala indica but i received it in its emersed form. Does anyone know how long it takes it to convert to its submerged form?
1-15 of 15 Results