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rosy barb
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    Hi. I have a 100 litre (90cm x 30 cm footprint) low tech planted aquarium with 6 rosy barbs. It's a well established tank with sand substrate driftwood, loads of moss, anubias, an african crinum and java ferns. The fish and plants have changed over the years but it's been kept running without...
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    Here is a picture of my Aqueon 29 from 8 months ago. Everything in there is plastic and it's mostly stock Aqueon 29 kit items - light, heater, et cetera. Yesterday I moved it to a new apartment and used the move to replace... well, pretty much everything. I bought - A clear glass hood...
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    I have four rosy barbs that i would like to give away to anyone interested. Im going in a different direction with my tank and they are taking up valuable space. I have them in my tank with 5 bolivian rams and they are very peaceful towards them and the much smaller pleco they share the tank...
1-4 of 4 Results