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  1. Plants
    I'm running a 7g planted nano tank. I noticed this brown hair growing underneath one anubia leave - is this roots or what?
  2. Plants
    I know that anubias's have roots which can grow vine-like but usually are kinda short. Are there any other plants which have roots or looks like long vines? I'm mostly looking for an Angkor Wat sorta look with the vines. Thanks! :)
  3. Plants
    I just received a shipment of plants from Aquatic Arts and was wondering what the proper way to plant moneywort clippings were. Due to the hot weather most of the leaves on the lower part of the stem have melted off or turned into black mush. The stem itself is fine, there's just no roots. Can I...
  4. Plants
    I bought some monte carlo at my LFS. The pots they had were grown out with all the stems reaching about 3-4 inches long! I asked the manager (who is an aquascaping enthusiast) about planting it and he said to divide it like normal and the long stems would droop across the substrate and start...
  5. Plants
    Does anyone have advice on how to root stemmed plants? I have tried with cabomba, anarcharis, diandra, etc. but I rarely have luck. Usually the cut end will die-off. I have good substrate ( eco complete, fluorite, and miracle-grow organic potting soil mixed) so I don't think that's the...
  6. Plants
    I have an odd problem, my root system is too good and it's getting overwhelming. I have a riparium and not only are the regular plants getting out of control, but the riparium plants have busted out of their planters and are running hog wild through the tank. Is it ok to cut them? I'm planing to...
  7. Aquascaping
    I am moving all my plants to a new tank. I can't get the root all under the substrate (aqua soil) Can I trim the root? If so how much? I push the plants into the soil but when I remove my tongs the plant just float up. In the first pic I am slowly removing from old tank.
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Do I need to tie down the roots of the two Anubias that I recently attached to rocks down so they can root themselves to the rocks or will they eventually find and attach themselves to the rocks? They are floating above the rock about 1-2mm off the rocks. Yours, Trent
  9. Plants
    Hi, this picture probably doesn't show it very well, but the wistera in the middle of my tank is just a jungly mess of roots. Is there anything i can do to remedy this? Let the plant fill out? It's quite unattractive.
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I'm having trouble with bulbs i got from walmart growing. I'm looking for help. Specifically the ( NYMPHAEA LILLY BULBS & HYBRID APONOGETON BULBS ). The 2 (nymphaea) are growing this white fuzzy stuff around them. they are about half golf ball sized and are floating at the top. They have been...
  11. Tank Journals
    FTS- And 2 of my creations- Hello friends, It's been a long time (around 2 years) that I haven't made any planted tank. Was busy with life and bettas ;) Now when my life seems quite stable, touchwood, I'm looking forward to start a new project. I've been reading a lot on various forums. And...
  12. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Hello everyone, I want to share my progress on the 10 gallon riparium that I have been growing for now almost a year. I say it is low tech because I am only using natural lighting from the windows for the plants. I also taken out the heater, the water seems to be at a good temp all year round...
  13. Plants
    I've been reading some conflicting information on whether or not I can bury the roots of my Java Fern in the substrate. In the past I've kind of pushed some of the roots under lightly and then drop a few rocks around it for them to cling on. Is completely burying the JF not a good idea because...
  14. Plants
    I've gotten a lot of good information from this forum over the past year or so that I've re-entered the hobby. Since this has been my first venture into live plants it's been particularly helpful. I've run across a trick, and wanted to give back a bit by sharing it. I haven't seen this...
  15. Tank Journals
    Hey Everyone, Its been two weeks since i got my new plants and C02 system and things needed a trim. This is a new evolution of my abandonscape tank that never quite satisfied my vision. I really like the changes and wanted to share some photos with you all. Comments and questions welcome...
  16. Plants
    So....being reletively new to planted tanks, I made sure to read all about the appropriate plants for a low tech tank. For anubias, all sources said to just make sure to not bury the rhizome. Of the 6 little anubias plants I had, 4 had their rhizome a millimeter or two above the...
1-16 of 16 Results