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  1. DIY
    I am going to reseal my 55 gal tank and was wondering if anyone has experience removing the rim... from other posts I have read the tanks had a cross bar support on the top/bottom, my tank does not have that, just a black rim around the exterior. Would love advice on this and re-sealing as...
  2. Lighting
    tanks 4ft long with a cross bar along the rim in the middle going from the front to the back of the tank to prevent the tank from bowing. If I light the tank with 2 individual 4ft catalina HO one plant grow and one 6500k sitting right on top of the tank, will this be enough light to prevent a...
  3. Equipment
    While re-siliconing my 25Gal recently I cracked the top black rim/brace while attempting to get it out for the project. Its cracked towards one of the corners and now I am worried about the integrity of the tank. I read in a few other threads that braceless might work in some instances - however...
1-3 of 3 Results