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rex grigg
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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi, I tried looking this issue on several forums and have found no solution. I'm fairly new to injecting pressurized CO2 into the tank and I just installed a homemade Rex Grigg reactor. However, water appears to be stuck on the CO2 tubing and it's not budging. I have a dual regulator with a...
  2. DIY
    I just installed a DIY Griggs reactor on my Fluval 406 filter. It's 25" long with 2" PVC pipe. The CO2 is fed from an aquateck regulator with a brass check valve right after the needle valve and the glass bubble counter just before the reactor. See pics here...
  3. Equipment
    I have been bubbling CO2 into my tank for a while now with one of those glass diffusors. I got tired of burning through tanks so quickly and decided to try building an inline reactor based on Rex Grigg's design. It doesn't seem to be working as well as my diffusor, I'm trying to drop the pH...
1-3 of 3 Results