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  1. Equipment
    I am the new owner of a Fluval 7 series canister filter. The tubing, intake, and outtake are not the nicest and I'd like to replace them with something sleeker/easier to adjust. I know that you can buy glass lily pipes and such online, but how do I make sure that they are compatible with my...
  2. Equipment
    I am looking to purchase a glass lid online or from someone. I live in the US so it is hard to find these replacement lids, any suggestions? I could try to make my own but if anyone wants to sell theirs I would be willing to negotiate! Thanks.
  3. Equipment
    Hi Guys, My API canister filter O ring just snapped. I am trying all over the internet to find one, but every where it is out of stock. Has any body tried to replace these with Off the shelf gasket/O-Rings at the hardware store and did that work? Also, if so could you please help me in telling...
  4. Lighting
    So I've had a hiatus for about 2 years now and I wanted to get back into it. The problem I'm having is I have a Current USA Orbit light fixture that still uses Power Compact lights (65w) and it's getting harder and harder to find bulbs for this. Is there a source for PC bulbs that's cheap or...
  5. Equipment
    So I bought the Up Aqua Co2 kit and it's been working great once I changed up the cheesy check valve that blew apart on first use for a Marineland one. I also changed out the Atomizer for a glass one. Now the pressure is starting to run a bit low and it looks like its time for a replacement...
  6. Substrate
    I have Profile in my tanks. It's mostly getting onto 10 years old now. Does it ever need to be replaced? [edit] Ugh, "Fluorite." Lesson: proofread your titles.
  7. Lighting
    Hey all, Long time no post. Recently one of my lightbulbs on my Coralife 48" PC light fixture died and when I tried to pull the bulb out it would not move. So I pulled harder and the plastic endcap started to crumble and break into pieces. To make a long story short, now I need to get some...
1-7 of 7 Results