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  1. Equipment
    I've seen some people on here use Eheim media in their Renas. I want to fill my xp3 with Eheim's Ehfimech, and Ehfisubstrat does anyone know how many liters I will need of each to fill rena xp3 baskets? Any recomendations on order of media and filter pads also any ideas on what to put in the...
  2. Equipment
    what is the best canister filter for a 255l ( 67) us gal tank, Either two eheim 2217's, an all pond solutions 1400ef or a rena xp3?
  3. Equipment
    I got a Rena Filstar XP3 thrown in with my 75G tank that I'm setting up now. I'm planning on pretty heavily planted with some fish (not a ton, but maybe ~30 inches?). I'm using a Hydor in-line heater and a Rex reactor for CO2. The filter ran fine for about a week before I added the reactor and...
  4. Equipment
    I have six different Rena air pumps driving sponge filters and air stones in nine different tanks (one or two tanks per air pump). I am looking at replacing five of those pumps with one high volume pump and the Coralife Super Luft SL-65 is the main contender. Does anyone have any personal...
1-4 of 11 Results