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  1. Equipment
    Hey guys. So I've been growing DBT for about 3 months now here's what I've been using: - 15l x 15w (13 gallons) tank - Fluval Nano plant lighting (full brightness), 12-15 hours a day - ADA soil, - daily Flourish Exel - weekly dose of NA thrive after water change - standard HOB filter...
  2. DIY
    Hello, I am looking to get the pressurized CO2, thinking to build a regulator and I might be able to save some money. I am getting confused that which regulator to choose and where to buy. I see some victor, Airgas, Air Products, Matheson regulators on (no ebay links allowed) I am not sure...
  3. Equipment
    Hey all! Been quite a while since I've posted! I've been thinking lately about CO2 flow rates in aquariums. Currently, we use bubbles/time as a standard measurement flow rate, but that just seems terribly inaccurate. A 'bubble' is going to be a completely different volume depending on the...
1-3 of 5 Results