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    Running your diffuser with a working psi rate that is either too low or too high can have negative effects. It is important to understand what is best for your chosen diffuser. Here is a short guide to the recommended maximum psi rates. 10-20PSI - Reactors 20-30PSI - Ceramic and Basic...
  2. Equipment
    I left with an output pressure of 50 psi in the morning. Now no matter how I turn the dials the pressure won't go over 10 or 20 psi and the bps output won't go over 2 or 3. Did I blow a line? I don't hear a leak. Brand new Fzone Pro regulator. edit: it looks like the system is pushing water...
  3. Equipment
    Hello fellow fish brothers, I am recently getting the aquarium itch again after I retired my 40 gallon tank about 8 years ago. Wanted to build my own regulator now that I'm a little older and out of college to supply CO2 to the tank. I've read more than a few posts on setting up your own DIY...
  4. Equipment
    Hi everyone I just received as a gift this uniweld regulator it is a 2 stage regulator which lower gauge pressure starts a 5 psi In the uniweld website it says this is for medium to heavy duty. And the minimun outlet...
  5. DIY
    Hello all, I wish to implement a drip irrigation based continuous water change system. But I am having a little trouble locating a suitable pressure regulator. The ones to be used on drip irrigation systems seem to have minimum flow considerations in the tenths of a gallons per minute range...
  6. Equipment
    For those of you who use the Up Atomizer, what do you guys have your Regulator Pressure set at? I know that it is "supposed" to have >30 working pressure. But when you can control your pressure, what do you guys have it set at?
1-6 of 6 Results