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  1. Equipment
    I asked a separate question in the New Mexico group (but it seems to be pretty sparsely populated) so I'll ask a more generic question here if that's OK. I had a Dennerle pressurised CO2 system in a 55gal tank, 20 odd years ago when I lived in the UK, and am just getting back into planted tanks...
  2. New Mexico
    I am just getting back into planted tanks after a long break and am setting up a 45gal tank with pressurized CO2. This will be my first time using pressurised CO2 since I moved from the UK (hence the long break) where I had a 55gal tank with a Dennerle pressurized CO2 system. Back in the UK, I...
  3. Equipment
    I've found several threads on the matter but all seem to be several years old. I've got a 5 gallon tank and have been using the same 20oz co2 canister for what seems to be a year. I had another canister that I never ended up filling but that's proving to be a nightmare compared to a year ago. I...
  4. Arizona
    Looking for a place locally to purchase a CO2 tank and get refills. Anyone have a preferred provider?
  5. New York
    Anyone knows where to get these 20oz PB tanks refilled other than "The Security/Hobby Store" in Mt Vernon? I can't believe there is no place in this area to get a PB tank refilled at a reasonable price.
  6. New York
    So I went to this place in Mount Vernon called Security/Hobby Store, its basically two stores in one, a store for car alarms and a Hobby store selling remote control cars, trains, etc. I couldn't find a place that would fill my 20oz paintball tank in the bronx or yonkers, so the guys at...
  7. Equipment
    Hi, Im about to refill my Co2 cylinder at Chubb ( Its a company that deals with Fire Extinguishers). I read that for planted tank, you'll need beverage/beer type co2 when refilling. Or is CO2, just CO2? Anywhere is fine. thanks.
  8. Kansas
    I am in topeka ks, and I cannot find anywhere to fill up a co2 tank! Everywhere is all swap out. Anybody in the area know where I can find a place. I think the only place is Praxair in Lenexa Ks, but that is kind of far. I will call to see if they do refills tommorow.
  9. California
    Hey does anyone know where to refill co2 tank in sac area besides Harris industrial gasses b/c they only do 5lbs and up? I have my setup but need to fill it.
  10. Illinois
    Does anyone know of a place to buy and refill CO2 tank in the Aurora, Naperville, Lisle, and Downers Grove areas? Thanks.
  11. Indiana
    I called some welding shops around the city, and they pretty much all want around 100 dollars or so before I even get the tank in my hands, and that's before I even get it filled. Their prices for refilling were pretty crazy as well. 2.5 and 5 lb tanks are pretty similarly priced. Anyone have...
  12. Hawaii
    Did some calling today (2/25/11) for current prices for a 20# refill. LMK if there's any other places i've missed and i'll update the list. If you don't mind the turn around time or the drive, Air Liquide's a pretty good deal. For sameday refills, Oahu Fire's your only choice. Oahu Fire...
  13. Equipment
    What are the safe ways to transport a full tank of CO2 in a car? Do you secure it in one place standing upright or can it be laid down on the floor of the trunk? I am planning to purchase a 10 lbs tank online and then refill locally.
1-13 of 13 Results