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  1. UK
    Hi Anyone on here in Edinburgh? Also does anyone have any Red Cherry Shrimp for sale? I need to add some new lines into my tank and it would be easier to just collect some in Edinburgh on evening/weekend. Thank you!
  2. Plants
    Hey I'm just wondering some basic things. 1. How fast do plants usually grow 2. If it's green is it healthy? Got aaron t's substrats with medium light. My plants are giant red jungle val, dwarf hairgrass, pennywort, echinodorus oriental, cryp wendtii red, and a tiger lily. Thanks for your help !
  3. Plants
    Hey everyone, Was in LA for a few days last week and had to leave my tank unattended during that time (can't trust the roommate to take care of things, haha). Anyway, I left it with a double dose of nutrients (NPK and Fe) to account for the missed dosings and I knew I would do my usual 50%...
  4. Fish
    Can anyone identify what the illness might be on this tetra. Its visible all the way through and a little swollen. Not an open sore. Ideas?
  5. Lighting
    Finnex! Are you working on a Ray II planted+ with high output red LEDs? Let us know, we need this to happen. Thanks
  6. Plants
    Hello all, I need help figuring out if these are the same or different? and also if they are same which one is it? So the first picture is a plant I bought off of here advertised as "Luwigia Rubin". the second plant I bought from petsmart advertised as "Red Ludwigia". They look pretty much...
  7. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Sunday, I got about 6 RCS. They seemed a little antsy when I first introduced them to the tank. After a while a lot of them would hide except for one that was more brave than the others. That one is still alive. I came home last night and added some java moss I got from a friend for free. After...
  8. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I recently purchased a couple of APB Pure Red Lines from Alpha pro breeders.... Here's a couple of photos of these PRLs.. Can anyone provide a bit of insight into the coloration of these PRLs? Edit - Should've waited at least a couple weeks to post this. Apologies to Ron/APB.
  9. Plants
    Got some myrio and it's faded to green, save for new shoots. I've heard of some gardeners using iron nails in the ground beneath their hydraengas to turn them colors. Think that will work to keep myrio red without fertilizing the entire tank? Thanks.
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I am looking to replace a background sagittaria subulata on my 12gl fluval edge (video here <> because it grows way too fast and keeps shooting out runners all over. I am looking for a red tall plant that would add some color and be easy to maintain...
  11. Plants
    Why plants are red or green It is a myth that iron makes plants turn red. The reason a plant is red; inefficient chlorophyll, rapid growth, lighting and Anthocyanin. Red coloration in all plants is from primitive Anthocyanin pigment. The more red a plant is the more it needs light to...
  12. Algae
    Black algae never seems to survive a transplant, which can be handy. I moved some infected plants. It usually turns vibrant red as it dies... This time, and this blew my mind.. I lifted up a sheet of ice and found this... It's almost beautiful.
  13. Massachusetts
    Hey all, Currently have a "Whisker shrimp" who is looking like he is on his way out due to what has seemed like endless ich and velvet treatments. Notwithstanding, I am looking for some new shrimp. I would like so Fire Red, Red Cherry, or mandarin, possibly blue shrimp too. Located in...
  14. Hawaii
    I've got more Red Root Floaters taking over my tank I need to get rid of. A portion will be roughly a little over one handful worth. $10 Shipped by USPS small box PM if interested. Thanks.
21-34 of 81 Results