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  1. Plants
    I'm looking for recommendations for a red Echinodorus as the specimen plant for my tank. I'm looking for something that will grow to around 12" tall, maybe a little more. In one of my Dennerle books, I found Echinodorus 'Red Senna', which looks ideal, however it looks like its only available in...
  2. Plants
    Does anyone know the reason this occurs? A google search tells me that some plants do this in order to deter pests, and that it can be a sign of something wrong with the plant, but I know that some aquatic species appear green under low light and become red under high. How and why does this...
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I recently suspected that my aquarium had iron deficiencies, and bought a bottle of ADA Brighty Iron Fe(III) on a whim with a plant package because my rotala colorata was green, and my aquarium plants have been turning a lot redder since. Would Seachem Iron ferrous gluconate work just as well as...
    I'm interested in buying a couple bunches of this beautiful red plant (I've heard this type of rotala is not so demanding in terms of CO2 and light to keep it red)
  5. Plants
    Hello people, I was given this unknown plant and added it to my tank a few weeks ago. It was completely green when i added it, but has started turning a dark red/brownish colour at the tops. From a distance it looks a little brown, but when i look from close under the light it has a pinkish red...
    Hi all, Looking for Red Cherry Shrimp culls! Starting a shrimp tank but pressed on cash (college budget) so looking for your most unwanted shrimp. Located in Seattle, WA. PM/comment what you've got.
  7. For Sale/Trade
    Greetings to the lovely folks of TPT! I have some cool packages with extras always included! Colorful Dutch stem staples and some low-tech favorites! PM me for payment details! DUTCH PACKAGE Package #1 for $30 shipped via USPS Priority mail: - 3 x Ludwigia sp. red - 4 x Ludwigia lacustris - 2...
    Looking for some rare swords, espically Hadi Red Pearl, Kleiner Prinz, and Indian Red or Reni. Or if any one has any swords that stay of medium size once established that's attractive or unique that I have not listed, and stay in the 10-15 in size range. If someone has any of the above or...
  9. Planted Nano Tanks
    Is it a good:wink2: or bad sign>:) that my blyxa japonica is red / almost purple? It's very pretty, but when I bought it, it was bright green... I read some posts here saying it was good, and others saying it was bad, not sure what to think. Any advice appreciated. This is in a 5 gallon fluval...
  10. Planted Nano Tanks
    I want to rescape my 5.5g with finer-leafed plants for better scale, but I am in love with my Ludwigia sp Red. Are there any equally bright red plants with finer leaves that can tolerate excel? I'm hoping for some form of rotala, but from what I understand, they don't like excel very much. Are...
  11. WTB/RAOK
    Looking for some horned nerites and some red ramshorns
  12. For Sale/Trade
    My colony is thriving so it is time to spread the holiday cheer! $2 a piece, adults/juvies. I prefer local pick up or meet up in Long Beach or North OC area of Southern California, but I am open to shipping (I need to confirm shipping cost, and please mind your weather). Here are some pix of them:
  13. For Sale/Trade
    I'm doing a trimming and should have enough for at least 2 large packages of both red and green plants. These numbers are a minimum to what you might get, I always try to include as many extras as possible. Please feel free to message me with any questions. The package will be $21 shipped...
  14. For Sale/Trade
    Each stem is around 3+ inches for $0.75 I have 20 stems in total. Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia Shipping will be using USPS Priority shipping for $7. If you need a heat pack it will be additional $2. Gets shipped from Denver CO.
  15. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone on here is selling or prepared to swap red cherry shrimp in Edinburgh? I've just moved here with my cherries and need some fresh stock, would be great to know the person and sort it all out in a day. Thanks
  16. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Is there a way to intensify the blue on the rilis without losing the red? I suspect not, but it would be cool to see.
  17. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    So I have a 13 gallon tank with some marimo balls and a moss tree (made with sand blasted manzanita and xmass moss) and eco complete substrate. The filter is a hob with a sponge. My shrimp were doing ok but recently I have been having one die over night for the past 3 days. Water Perimeters...
  18. UK
    Hi Anyone on here in Edinburgh? Also does anyone have any Red Cherry Shrimp for sale? I need to add some new lines into my tank and it would be easier to just collect some in Edinburgh on evening/weekend. Thank you!
  19. Plants
    Hey I'm just wondering some basic things. 1. How fast do plants usually grow 2. If it's green is it healthy? Got aaron t's substrats with medium light. My plants are giant red jungle val, dwarf hairgrass, pennywort, echinodorus oriental, cryp wendtii red, and a tiger lily. Thanks for your help !
1-19 of 79 Results