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  1. Lighting
    I recently won an xr15w pro and have it set up on a new red sea reefer 170 planted tank. I was wondering if the stock light presets would work. On the internet when you hook it up and can customize it they have the option of changing the colors. It is set up now with the out of box color, which...
  2. Equipment
    Anyone ever tried them? Are they worth it? How do they compare to an Aquatek? I can't seem to find many reviews on them.
  3. Equipment
    To the Experts on Planted Tank I recently received a pre-owned regulator from a fellow member of my local aquarist club – a Red Sea Paintball pro package. The member even threw in a still filled CO2 cylinder. Great! I want to use this system as part of an aquascape overhaul for an existing...
  4. Co2

    Does anyone own the CO2 bio system by Red Sea? If so, have you ever had troubles with water cloudiness?
  5. DIY
    I have a 35 or 37 gallon (dont remember) tank and was debating whether to pay the 37$ and get a Red Sea Co2 bio generator kit or just make my own.. Are the red sea kits any good? from what i understand its just a manufactured DYI.. Planning on making a moss wall with some java fern and a moss...
1-5 of 6 Results