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red root floater
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    Looking for Orange Bees and Red Root Floater shipping will be to Atlanta Georgia area. Thanks.
    Hey everyone! I've pm'ed a few sellers hoping to buy some red root floater and dwarf water lettuce, but my search came up empty handed. Dwl is not hard to come by, it seems, but rrf is quite a challenge. I'm located in Orange County if anyone is local. It's always nice to avoid shipping and...
    Hi everyone, I'm setting up a 3.5 gal bowl as a no-to-low tech snail paradise, and I'm looking for the following plants: 2-4 Cryptocoryne spiralis 4-6 Anubias coffeefolia handful of red root floaters I wouldn't complain if they come from a tank with ramshorn or Malaysian trumpet snails either...
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    Shrimps gone , only RRF left Red Root Floater $5 / 10 nodes Shipping method - 2 day USPS Priority mail $6 flat rate
  5. For Sale/Trade
    Sandwich bag of Red Root Floater $10 shipped in small priority box. My tank has duckweed and snails.
    Hi want to put some red root floater in one of the tank in my shrimp rack. If you have some for sale or trade please PM me. Thanks
    [CLOSED] RRF's have multiplied, covering too much surface, need more light. Pay shipping @ $6.50 for flat rate including a $0.23 round-up for me to brave the moronic public loitering @ post office or driving nowhere on my way there or whatever. First come first serve send PM. Will ship out...
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    UPDATE: RRF is sold out! Sorry! There will be more in a few short weeks. I do still have a ton of Rotala left, PM me if interested in just the Rotala. Will post photos of the Rotala soon. ====== Red Root Floaters & Rotala Rotundifolia available! Totally duckweed-free and very healthy. I...
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    I have a ton of Red Root Floaters available! Totally duckweed-free and very healthy with its neat little blooms. And if I happen to sell out, I'll have more within 3 weeks, it grows like crazy in my 55g. $11 shipped priority for a sandwich bag of it. PayPal & Dwolla accepted. PM me if...
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    brand new in the box never used it want to sell it 60 plus shipping
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    Red Root Floater (enough to mostly fill a small flat rate box) =$10 shipped 1 available 1 sold Salvinia minima (small flat rate box full) = $10 shipped Golfball portion of mystery moss (probably java) = $7 shipped -Pending Dwarf Sag ( small flat rate box full) = $10 shipped -Pending...
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    Hi. I'm looking to buy some red root floater. Anyone have some? Thanks! EDIT: I decided I'm going to buy the microsword at the LFS. I am only looking for red root floater now, but if you are selling other plants let me know what they are too please Thanks!
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    *SOLD* 1) I have a Red Root Floater/Water Lettuce/Frogbit/Duckweed floating plant mix. It's about enough to cover ½ of a regular ten gallon tank. Price: $6.50 + $6 shipping via USPS Priority w/ free Delivery Confirmation. Non-CC PayPal, USPS MO, or cash only. *SOLD* 2) I also have a Red Root...
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    first, a quick plant ID for you guys. A while back I bought this lotus at afa labled 'Nymphaea sp.', and my obsessive need to know everything has kicked in, and was wondering if anybody had a clue what sp. it was. From the plant that I bought, what I saw in their display tank, and what it's...
1-14 of 14 Results