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red plants
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  1. Plants
    Looking for some advice getting better growth out of my Hygrophila 'Araguaia', I've always struggled with it. In general, this tank has some GSA issues too, but all my other plants are doing well (MC, rotala's, pearlweed, erio's, marsilia) Here's my parameters and maintenance specs: 20g (UNS...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I'm currently using NilocG's Thrive+ for my planted tank and have had great results. I'm dosing it every other day with weekly 50% water changes which is essentially the EI method. Now that my plants are well grown in, I want to reduce growth a bit and bring out the red in the rotala h'ra which...
  3. Plants
    Hello, i am wondering if anyone knows where i can buy some rotala macrandra variegated. I am having a hard time finding rotala macrandra in general and especially the variegated type.
  4. Plants
    As the title states, none of my red plants stay red. Everything is still growing and looks healthy, but the red plants (red crypts, red melon, red cardinal) quickly turn brown- though sometimes the vibrant red is still present on the underside of the leaves. They're not coated in algae, my...
  5. Plants
    Look for input on plants that stay red in medium light with no co2. I use seachem excel and iron as well as omsocote+ root tabs. Temp is 76F, pH is 7.5, gh and kh 8 andn 4 if that is any help. This is for a 10g so tiger lotus is a bit big. Would AR stay red in these conditions? Open to other...
  6. Lighting
    hi eveyrone, Im new TPT as a member but a long term reader, and happy i took the time to become one! I have a 40 breeder, (36"x18"x16). Currently i have a 4x36" T5 h.o. diy setup, But the bulbs are on the way out and there is and is an issue with one half,. So which current prices where they...
1-6 of 6 Results