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  1. Missouri
    Does anyone in the STL area want some extra myriophyllum heterophyllum? It's the red variety. I received a ton of it for a small tank. Need to get the remaining stems off my kitchen counter, so you would need to pick up this weekend. I'm in Wildwood.
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    Is it a good:wink2: or bad sign>:) that my blyxa japonica is red / almost purple? It's very pretty, but when I bought it, it was bright green... I read some posts here saying it was good, and others saying it was bad, not sure what to think. Any advice appreciated. This is in a 5 gallon fluval...
  3. Plants
    I picked up some ALTERNANTHERA REINECKII and it's my first "red" plant. Is there anything special I should do to make sure this plant stays red? Nutrient/Lighting wise? Am I wrong in thinking that since it's red, it reflects red light. Does it absorb light in the red wavelengths? Thanks for...
1-3 of 3 Results