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  1. Equipment
    I have two 2.5 gal tanks (with nothing in them yet) and I'm looking for a good filter. I heard that sponge filters are the best, especially for bettas. What are your recommendations for sponge filters? I want one small enough so my betta will have more room to swim around.
  2. Plants
    Hi Friends! I'm new to the forum but I've had an aquarium for about six years now. Two years ago, I upgraded to a 120 gallon tank from a 30 gallon and decided to also get into planted tanks. Since then I've had little luck getting good growth from my plants. The don't outright die, but the...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello there, I recently joined the forum, after reading soooooo much and this forum beeing so helpfull, I needed it to be part of this. I feel part of this forum after 2 months of reading and reading. Believe me i read pretty much every single post here lol. But i know every tank is different...
1-3 of 3 Results