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  1. Fish
    Hi everyone, what are your thoughts, opinions, and experiences with keeping peaceful fish from different parts of the world together in a planted tank? Specifically, keeping fish like Ember tetras and Habrosus cory cats with fish like Celestial Pearl Danios and Chili Rasboras? I think they would...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hell Everyone, I am new to the hobby and have set up a 5 gallon planted tank. I have a fluval C2 filter maxed with bio media and it is planted pretty heavily with Java fern, Amazon swords,moss balls and i think hawthorne. I did a fishless cycle with pure ammonia and it worked successfully...
  3. Fish
    Hi, new to the forum and looking for some suggestions on what is wrong with my tank. I have a Biocube 16 Gallon, planted with 5 plants and 3 moss balls. I setup the tank on July 23, 2017 and used API Quick Start and a substrate that had beneficial bacteria mixed in it. A week later I added 1...
  4. Planted Nano Tanks
    It's been running for a few weeks now. Tank: Fluval Spec V Finnex Fugeray Planted + 20" CO2 injection with diffuser Small Tetra heater Seachem Flourite Dark gravel Bit of driftwood Seachem Flourish Flora: Java fern Lace leaf java fern Christmas moss Frogbit Fauna: Chili rasbora Phoenix...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    A quickie pictorial of my man cave tank from start to finish. I would appreciate feedback.
  6. Fish
    I have a 36 gallon bowfront, and I really want a group of small fish. I want them to be pretty active, and possibly school (if that's possible in a small tank like mine). I have been searching around for a while now but can't seem to make up my mind. They would probably have to be ordered...
1-6 of 6 Results