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    Taking a break from the hobby for a little bit so breaking down my tank. Have the following available.... Handfuls of riccia- $5 Crypt retrospiralis- 3 for $5 Rotala macarandra- 6 stems for $5 Erio vietnam- $6 each plant, $60 shipped for all 12 Hornwort handful- $5 Shipping starts at $7...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Hi everyone! It's time for me to trim my emersed tanks yet again. This time, I have put together some packages. A la carte sales are available as well if you prefer. These plants are all healthy and I usually include a few extras with every package. I ship via priority mail and have...
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    Desperately seeking! Let me know if you have any quantity available and how much you would like for it! :) I can also do a partial trade if anyone is interested. I have small portions of flame moss, glosso, or whorled pennywort.
1-3 of 3 Results