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  1. Fish
    Hi all! So I’ve had my first tank set up for a good few months now, it’s a 54l with 10 chile rasbora, 4 Otto’s, and around 20 adult cherry shrimp. Under the advice of my LFS, I brought home a ram which proceeded to eat 3 shrimp within 5 minutes of being in the tank. So that was promptly...
  2. Fish
    Hi, I recently purchased 5 young Blue Rams. 3 males and 2 females. I have had them 4 days now and all of them are eating flake well except for the smallest female? She looks healthy and colorful minus being a little skinny. She actively will poke around the bottom for food and she gets...
  3. Fish
    How many rams can I have in my 55. I know the temp is a little low. Tankmates: 10 bloodfin 5 Head and Tail Light (need one more) 7 Lemon Tetras 1 Gold tetra (LFS thougt it was a lemon tetra, same thing happened with the first 4 head and tail lights) 2 gold rams 1 Dwarf Rainbow (I think this is...
  4. Fish
    I have 2 female German Blue Rams, one male. Over the past month or two one of the females seems to have paired with the male. The other female was being picked on and eventually seemed to develop a swim bladder problem. In this video you can see the...
  5. Fish
    Hi, Do you know if that would be ok? Or are they jumpers and it should be avoided? I've heard bettas jumping out and even my betta jumped so want to be careful. Thanks!
  6. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hello, I am looking at starting up a 10 gallon planted tank for a pair of german blue rams. I have kept a pair in a 10 gallon before and they spawned and I had free swimming fry. The fry eventually passed away, and so did the parents, however I loved their personality and colors and would like...
  7. Fish
    Hello Everyone, new to the forum, but for the past 3 years I've been doing experiments with mixing the two strains of the German Blue and the Electric blue rams and about 8 months ago I had my first successful batch of colors, traits, and smaller size I wanted to achieve! The Experiment: For...
  8. Fish
    Hello, I have a 55g planted tank with 2 giant danios, 2 white skirt tetras, 2 neon tetras, and 2 panda corries. A hobbyist in my area just bred Bolivian Rams and he offered me 6. Would this overstock the tank? Thank you.
  9. Fish
    You guys helped me identify an impulse buy I had, two little blue, color changing fish that i instantly wanted, [Id been thinking my tank needed some blue anyways..hehe]. They ended up being Electric Blue Rams, may or may not be jeweled? The tank they are in is a 50 gallon planted, so plenty of...
  10. Fish
    I wanted to start this thread because I have found a love for German Blue Rams. I have also heard that the GBR is a hard fish to keep, let alone breed. I purchased my new GBR's as my anniversary gift this week. I did not do a drip acclimation like some recommend. I drained most of the Fish Store...
  11. Fish
    :angel: my Rams has digged a pit in the gravel.... it's good or bad folks? :P
1-11 of 23 Results