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  1. Fish
    I want to get a pair of rams for my 29g tank. Now, I have 12 black neon tetras in that tank. Do you think I can add the pair into the tank? Or do I need to move some of the tetras to another tank?
  2. Fish
    New to the forum, not so new to the hobby. I've got a planted 40B, very low tech but heavily filtered. I've been running this tank for 6 years now. It started as an apisto breeder but I was too successful and stopped after 5 broods. It was then turned into a plant propagation tank for 4 years. I...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    hi! im new to the forum but have been using the advice on here to build a rough stocking list that i want to hear feedback on as im a novice :) i will be getting my hands on a 55g soon (dont know dimensions, i think its 4’ long) and this is my stocking list as of now: 4 pearl gourami 1M 3F 1...
  4. Fish
    Hello all! So I have a male and female ram in my 15G heavily planted with stones driftwood etc. Now these two have never been in a fight and have always been two peas in a pod always swimming together. A couple months ago the females spawning tube was out, and she was cleaning a rock as the male...
  5. Massachusetts
    Does anyone know where I can find Bolivia ram in local fish stores? If any hobbyists breed bolivia ram themselves and would like to sell a pair, that would be even better. Thanks. Any information would be appreciated.
  6. Fish
    Hi, I just purchased two juvenile German Blue Rams from my LFS and was told I was receiving a male and female pair. The staff member identified my 'male' from it's brighter colours, however having a pinkish stomach I believe they may have made a mistake. Could someone please try to identify...
  7. Fish
    Hi, I have a 45 gallon tank. In it I have a very peaceful (haven't seen it attack anything) Red tail shark, one blue ram, and two australian rainbowfish. In a ten gallon tank (temporarily) I have two cory catfish and another blue ram. I intend on putting the 10 gallon inhabitants in the 45...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 15 gallon 24' long aquarium that has just finished cycling. I recently just put in 9 neon tetras, which are naturally striking, but I would love to have a centerpiece fish to really catch my eye, as well as have more of a personality. (Of course I won't be adding it immediately). I am...
  9. Fish
    I would to get this fish a mate! but just need someone to tell me if it's a male or female. Leaning towards male due to pointed dorsal fin. But help me out here please :)
1-9 of 13 Results