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  1. Fish
    Hi all, I am currently planning out and researching for my next tank in a few months. Gonna be doing 75+ gallon rainbowfish tank. I've heard that many (if not all) Melanotaenia can interbreed with each other. I particularly want to know about Melanotaenia Praecox (dwarf neon) with the larger...
  2. The Lounge & Introductions
    Been a longtime lurker on this forum, made an account so I could keep track of a couple threads, now figure it's time to start posting! I've been keeping aquariums for several years, first one was a half gallon jar someone gave me with a betta fish in it, if you can even call that an aquarium...
  3. Fish
    I have a community tank with rainbow fish, I'd love to see some photos of full grown rainbows if any of you have them!
  4. Fish
    Looking to get some thoughts on my current stocking and see what else is out there! Let me know what you think! I'm pretty happy atm, but always good to hear thoughts/suggestions. I've got two 406's on a 75 gallon tank, pressurized CO2 and med/low LED lighting. Picture link in signature (75...
  5. Fish
    I got home from a short trip this afternoon. My rainbows greeted me by putting on an AMAZING display of colors. I snapped a few pics and a video with my GoPro. I thought I would share with you all! I will be uploading a clip at some time in the future. Can anyone else comment as to how common...
  6. New York
    I'm looking to sell, or ideally trade 10 boesemani rainbow fish for 4 or 5 adult (4" or larger) discus. Specifically looking for blue turquoise, snakeskin or leopard snakeskin varieties. The rainbows are sexed and sized as follows (the picture is of the actual fish I'm offering for trade)...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey everyone im new here:) my name is Jesse and I have been researching planted tanks for about a year now, So here is my build idea and please if you can give any suggestions or advice please do. Im doin a 100 gallon planted tank the substrate will be dirt with sand cover my filter will be two...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I ask this because this tank is not tall at all and I had 2 praecox rainbow, and 2 armano shrimp, one praecox rainbow and both armano shrimp jumped out and dried up. I ordered 8 CPD and 20 manculent rasbora and I'm not sure if I should put it in the 60-F. I'm just afraid that they might jump...
  9. Fish
    Hello all!!!!! First official post here for me (sorry for the length, it is a small intro + fact finding mission). I've been insanely busy with countless things among which are my breeding projects. I am hoping to shed some light on some of the road blocks I've encountered.The current...
  10. Fish
    So, I've been upset lately with my male rainbowfish in my 48 gallon tank. I noticed him to be very sick 4 days ago with a deteriorating mouth, ich, and large bumps under his scales. I started treating my tank for the ich first with ich attack, and now the ich is cleared up. However, his mouth...
  11. Tank Journals
    Hi Everyone, This is what my tank used to look like, I had playsand as a substrate with various cichlids and barely any plants :(, Got tired so I did some research and decided that it was time for an overhall. Attached is a before pic, then after and a few fish shots :) Stocking list - 11...
  12. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    i want to add to my 55 gallon tank with my 2 Bala Sharks 1 Rainbow Shark 4 Clown loaches a Shrimp to clean up the bottom of tank wich one of these should i get in the link below Will my...
  13. Fish
    :help:Can these fish breed because my rainbow usually hides in my boat on himself but one of my clown loach have been in there with the rainbow shark and the loach is normally always outside with the other 3 loaches :help: i have had the loachs for a week and the shark for two months:icon_smil...
  14. Fish
    So what is a better choice i bought a oscar and tomorrow Imo getting a 4-ft tank what other fish can go with the oscar But theres another problem i would like to have rainbow shark and clown loaches wich is a better choice Oscars or Rainbow Shark And Clown Loaches
  15. Fish
    If i put other fish in my tank with my rainbow shark in my 4ft will it still grow to its full 6 inches and how long will it take to grow 6 inches at the moment its like 3 inches and i have had it for a month
  16. Fish
    i want to know wich type of fishes will go with a rainbow shark
  17. Fish
    Is anything major gonna happen with a beta and rainbow shark in the same tank
  18. Fish
    I have a rainbow shark(warm Water) i have had the tank for a week i woke up today and seen that the temperature of my fish tank was 35°C its normally 22C°-27C° and its been the same i have never changed it so i put in 3 other thermometers and they come up the same still so i turn of the heater...
  19. Fish
    What Is A Good Fish That will go with my rainbow shark i have a 30 litre tank
  20. Fish
    I have a single rainbow shark in a 20litre tank how big will it grow and also im getting a 3ft tank in two months after two months if i put my fish in the new tank will it grow still after two months also ive had the fish for one week
1-20 of 20 Results