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  1. Aquascaping
    Hey, just looking for critiques and advice on this aquascape. What should be changed/added/removed?
  2. Tank Journals
    Hi guys! Figured I would start a journal for this tank, since moving to a new house, new job I have both the space and a little more disposable income for a bigger tank (previous biggest was a 20g long). Not sparing much expense with this one, though am still doing DIY as much as I can. The tank...
  3. Low Tech Forum
    This thread is going to be both a place for me to organize my thoughts about the planning and setup of this tank, and then once I have all the pieces it will become a journal of the build and hopefully long, lush life of this tank. For this tank we have 2 goals: 1) Create an aesthetically...
  4. Fish
    I have a 125 DENSELY planted dirt tank, inverts, and fish with beautiful specs. I noticed some white spots on one of this fish. Immediately started the temp up to 86 and dosed with Paragard. It doesn't seem to be working. As five days later my Bosemani looks like he and is girlfriend have been...
  5. Fish
    I have a community tank with rainbow fish, I'd love to see some photos of full grown rainbows if any of you have them!
  6. Fish
    Hey everyone! I started up my aquarium about a month and a half ago (fish in cycle- used TSS). Current parameters for the tank are: 65 Gallon Ammonia- 0...0.25 Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- 10 Temperature- 76 degrees Decor Some silk plants and 2 el nino fern Penn Plex Castle and cave Current Stock: 4...
  7. Fish
    Greetings from the "QC" (Queen City) Charlotte NC! My 75 gal has finally cycled and ready for some nice Rainbows! My LFS does not have a great selection. Aquabid and The Wet Spot in OR seem to have the best selection. Thanks
  8. Fish
    Hello fellow planted tankers, Just a little back story... I've been running a 55g planted tank for a couple years now with some success. Plants of various sorts (various swords, vallesineria, ect) as well as keeping cory cats and rainbows. Well after having accomplishing a healthy tank with...
  9. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi, I am an experienced planted tank keeper with years of experience. But this one's got me stumped: I had a lush low tech jungle going on for more than a year. I had to tear down the tank because it got some infection. i dried the substrate in the sun for 2 weeks, threw away all the plants...
  10. Fish
    Hello everyone. So I have been back and forth about fish species. I just can't make up my mind because of the tank dimensions and the awesome piece of driftwood wood I have. The tank will be viewable from both sides, so aqua-scaping will be a tough one for me. I would love to know everyone's...
  11. Fish
    Hi, for a 55g what stocking ratio would you suggest based on experience for the following rainbows. These are the types most easily available and my favs: 1. g. incisus (red irian) 2. boesemani I am aware that aggression especially b/w males can get nasty. So is it even possible to keep 2 or...
1-11 of 11 Results