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  1. Fish
    I got back into fish keeping a few months ago and have my first tank in 15+ years. I stocked a small school of otocinclus, but sadly, all but one of them died during a sudden ammonia/nitrite spike (after completing cycle; all other fish came through fine). Since the others died, the remaining...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey, all! I did a search to see if anyone had asked about this before, but I couldn't find anything specifically. I'm starting up my first "real" tank. I grew up with someone who knew nothing about the hobby but loved fish... yeah. I did some research as a teenager and knew she was doing...
  3. Fish
    Right now I am running a 5 gallon Betta tank, and a 10 gallon tank with otos and Ember Tetras. This leaves me with 2 empty tanks...a Aqueon Evolve 4 and an Evolve 8. I want to set up a quarantine tank and can't decide if I should use the Evolve 4 as a quarantine tank, and re-scape the 8 to put...
1-3 of 3 Results