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  1. Fish
    Hello! I fortunate to lay my paws on 4 pygmy cory last Sunday, they are crazy expensive! Well, compared to the usual trope, I mean, for those 4 I could get 10 tetras :surprise: Anyway, I love them! So cute. BUT! How to feed them? I used to over feed a little to make sure some (crushed) fish...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hi I made new 8 gallon tank. I just finished it yesterday so maybe the parameters will change but I do have some questions. I transferred the substrate and water from my stable tanks into this one tank. Right now it stocked with 5 pygmy cories, I think the Hastatus variety. I'm going to be...
  3. Fish
    A long long while back i use to have a huge school of pygmy cories that would always swim around the tank and were quite bold. normally swimming in teams of 3-4 all around the tank. then the number decreased and i hadnt seen them so often. Later on i added a circulation pump and started my...
1-3 of 3 Results