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    Hi, I,ve set up a no co2 low light tank with lots of ferns and sand as a subtrate, i think it would be a nice pygmy cory tank. Except for the water parameters.. kH: 8 gH: 8 pH: 8 Anybody out there with experience in keeping this kind of corydoras in this kind of conditions?? Click for...
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    Hi! I'm looking for 6-8 tank raised pygmaeus cories to add to a heavily planted shrimp tank. Pickup in San Francisco area is preferred, but shipping would be ok. If you have some, would you please post or PM your number available, approx. age/size, and price with shipping to 94133? Willing...
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    Hi, I would like to buy some pygmy Corydoras from a breeder. Most of the people on Aquabid are selling them for way too much. I have 5 right now, but am pretty sure that I will need around 12 more to get them to do their awesome Shoaling that I want soooo badly. If you can help me please PM me...
1-3 of 3 Results