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pseudomugil furcatus
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    So im looking to buy some Forktail blue eyed Rainbow fish and was wondering if anybody had an idea of where to aquire some...
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    I'm am trying to decide on what to stock my tank with based on my desires and what is available to me. I am posting here to make sure what I am choosing will be compatible and is safe to go with. I have a 29G tank, using a Fluval 205, moderately planted (plants are completed selected yet...
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    The Pseudomugil furcatus or Forktail Blue-Eye/Forktail Rainbowfish/Blue-Eye Rainbowfish (I'd hate to have so many names) caught my eye the first day I saw it in a beautiful display tank at my LFS. So, I will have me some. Here's my question How many should I get and best M/F ratio? What you...
1-3 of 3 Results