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  1. Equipment
    I have an American Marine (believe that's the brand name) ph monitor. Always super steady and accurate. It's in my 20g soft water tank 24/7. I kept blowing through cheap batteries so I bought the adapter for it (their brand name adapter with 6ft long power cord) The battery in it was dying but...
  2. Equipment
    I wonder if any of you guys are using a different brand probe for Milwaukee MC122? The Milwaukee probes are expensive. Is it worth to buy the Chinese probes? Let me know if any of you are using a different one. Thanks
  3. Equipment
    Hi, I am looking to build my first true high tech system and I am still thinking how hide all hardware to stand. Is a sump only solution how to put PH, temp probes, auto dosing system, twinstar, auto top off and what ever? I am tech nerd so I want more or less all cool toys with control system...
1-3 of 3 Results