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  1. Equipment
    I have a question regarding CO2 reactors and working pressures. So I have read in some other posts here on the forum that for reactors, you generally need less pressure to operate as the only pressure you need to overcome is the water pressure. How does one know if one has enough working...
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  3. Equipment
    Just installed a new needle valve as the one on the regulator is terrible. I'm noticing some strange behaviour in terms of bubble count. It seems like the bubbles are running normally, then it runs very fast, and then very slowly, and then it returns back to normal. This cycle happens regularly...
  4. Equipment
    I have found out a website where you can calculate the flow (Q) in scfm (standard cubic foot per minute). But to do that you need to fill in some data first: 1) Cv (flow coeficient) 2) Upstream Pressure 3) Downstream Pressure 4) Temperature 5) Specific Gravity for your gas ("Carbon Dioxide" in...
  5. Equipment
    I just wanted to see how many people use the watts 1/4" tube from HD? I bought a few of the knockoff diffusers from eBay and the silicon tube I got didn't work, so I was gonna try using the watts one from HD which I also have here's pics of the bootleg diffusers. Also wanted to ask has anyone...
1-5 of 7 Results