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  1. Fish
    I used to feed twice a day with fluval bug bites (two medium-ish sized pinches), but then I realized they were getting a little 'chonky.' I switched to feeding once a day (one medium pinch of fluval bug bites). Pretty recently, I started to feed frozen live food, occasionally, in place of the...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have two Otocinclus and the pictures below are both of the same one. I was wondering if she/he is just plump and happy or if it could possibly be pregnant (that would be cool!). I do not have any noticeable amounts of algae in my tank, but their bellies continue to stay rounded and they poop...
  3. Fish
    Hello all!!!!! First official post here for me (sorry for the length, it is a small intro + fact finding mission). I've been insanely busy with countless things among which are my breeding projects. I am hoping to shed some light on some of the road blocks I've encountered.The current...
  4. Fish
    Does anyone have a photo of a pregnant neon tetra? mine has a small bulge in that area and I'm not sure if it's pregnant or if it has some disease.
1-4 of 4 Results