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  1. Lighting
    I am expecting plants on thursday and am trying to finalize my light settings. I saw several threads that talked about finding the best photoperiod by starting a bit low and increasing until plants start to close up near the end of the photoperiod. Starting high can apparently lead to algae...
  2. The Lounge & Introductions Thought some of you might be interested. Moar moss power for you here:
  3. Equipment
    Hello all, I've never used a sponge filter before, but I"m going to get some for a couple breeding tanks. I'm just wondering how effective they are at filtering the water? And I'm wondering on what size (GPH) for a power head or what size of an air pump should I use? I'm probably going to...
  4. Lighting
    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I would need to connect a power supply to these LED rigid strips?:confused: Ebay Item number:280942192300
  5. Lighting
    Hi, I'm hoping that one of the flourescent-gurus here can help me understand what a "power compact" is. Is it known by any other format notation, like T5's / T4's? I'm trying to find a 2700k light for a coral life 24" fixture - but my google-fu is weak.
  6. Lighting
    Ok I'm confused, it seems like the current trends are moving toward t5s instead of CF. I am going to be doing a high tech, co2 injected 29 gallon (standard 30x12x16). I was looking into a coralife HO t5 that has 2x31 watt bulbs, giving me about 2 wpg. Vs a coralife 2x65 watt fixture that would...
  7. Equipment
    I got a Rena Filstar XP3 thrown in with my 75G tank that I'm setting up now. I'm planning on pretty heavily planted with some fish (not a ton, but maybe ~30 inches?). I'm using a Hydor in-line heater and a Rex reactor for CO2. The filter ran fine for about a week before I added the reactor and...
1-7 of 7 Results